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Toshiba Click Mini Linux Mint 18.3 ISO

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Toshiba Click Mini Linux Mint ISO

Linuxium Mint Cinnamon 64-bit ISO

Linuxium Mint Xfce 64-bit ISO

Alternative downloads

Linuxium-Mint-XFCE-64bit.ISO (1.7Gb)

Linuxium-Mint-Cinnamon-64bit.ISO (1.9Gb)

Secondary mirror - not currently operational (change of server)

Linuxium-Mint-XFCE-64bit.ISO (1.7Gb)

Linuxium-Mint-Cinnamon-64bit.ISO (1.9Gb)

Please ONLY download these files if you will use them.

Elements known to work:

Touchscreen, Keyboard/Touchpad, Tablet buttons, Brightness control, Sound control, WiFi, Bluetooth.

The Live ISOs have micro-SD writing capability via the boot parameter tweak.

Screen sizing

Linux Mint Cinammon

The auto Hi-DPI isn't much help (possibly due to screen dimension not being set in Xorg).

Menu; Preferences; General; User Interface Scaling: Double.

                                 Fonts; Text Scaling Factor - I use 0.8

Linux Mint Xfce

Settings; Setting Manager; Appearance; Fonts; DPI - I use 165

I also resize the panel. Right click on blank panel area.. Panel. Row Size. I also add "User" to a bottom panel, to allow Log Out etc. to be seen. YMMV.