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 linux-headers-4.14.18-ejsolutions-5_amd64.deb2018-02-14 19:03 12M 
 linux-image-4.14.18-ejsolutions-5_amd64.deb2018-02-14 19:03 27M 
 linux-libc-dev-4.14.18-ejsolutions-5_amd64.deb2018-02-14 19:03 937K 
 rtl8723bt_4.12.0_amd64.deb2018-02-14 19:04 41K 
 config-14.14.18-ejs52018-02-14 19:18 170K 
 sdcard-write.txt2018-02-15 08:58 556  
 disable-elan.4.14.18.patch2018-02-28 18:37 699  
 sound_click_mini.4.14.18.patch2018-02-28 18:37 590  
 rtl8723bs_bt_rfkill.4.14.18.patch2018-02-28 18:41 380  
 build.txt2018-03-01 15:49 1.1K 

Prior to building a custom kernel add the patches

You may have to manually make changes to the patches, though by opening the files you can see where the changes are made. Due to there being only three patches, I prefer to add them manually, checking for any errors.

eg. patch -p1 < ../sound_click_mini.patch

You could also manually make the changes to the relevant files (I did) but best not to with the sound one. ;-)
See build.txt for the actual commands used.

Note: the fix for Elan keyboard/mouse is now included in kernel 4.15.3

Credit to for making these files and others available.

Existing installations

Noting the order, install via

sudo dpkg -i linux-libc-dev-4.14.18-ejsolutions-5_amd64.deb -i linux-headers-4.14.18-ejsolutions-5_amd64.deb -i linux-image-4.14.18-ejsolutions-5_amd64.deb

sudo dpkg --force-overwrite -i rtl8723bt_4.12.0_amd64.deb
The overwrite is required due to existing files in kernel-firmware